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Cisco Single Unit Antenna Extension Base

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The Cisco 3G-AE015-R single-port antenna base is designed for use with portable antennas operating at frequencies up to 6 GHz that connect to 3G wireless high-speed WAN interface cards (HWICs) using a threaded Neill-Concelman (TNC) male connector. This antenna base unit, ordered separately, has 15 feet of plenum LMR-195 cable and can be used with antenna Cisco 3G-ANTM1919D.

The antenna base can be wall-mounted or placed on a rack or desktop, and has the following features:
-Multiple band coverage supporting cellular backahaul installations and wireless LAN (WLAN) and wi-fi networks.
-Ergonomic design.

Feature Feature Value
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) <2.0
Power handling 25 W
Width 71 mm
Depth 61 mm
Height 46 mm
Weight 170 g



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71 mm


46 mm

Power handling

25 W


61 mm


170 g