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All products in the full Cisco Refresh online catalogue are shipped factory sealed, with full warranty and support options. "Like new" products with a Cisco Refresh price.

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What is Cisco Refresh?

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Cisco Refresh sustainability

What is Cisco Refresh?

The Cisco Refresh range are products that have been completely remanufactured by Cisco. All Cisco Refresh products & spare parts are fully certified by Cisco and delivered factory sealed - just like new.

Cisco Refresh Price Comparison
Product ID# Photo New RRP. Cisco Refresh price Cisco Refresh Sale price Total saving
ASA5508-K9-RF asa5580 - best price �695 £2,594.64 £1016.67 £695.00 £1,899.64
ASA5508-K9-RF - All prices exc VAT. Prices correct as of 27th April 2021. Cisco & Cisco Refresh prices change daily. Budget Saving total determined on buying Cisco Refresh Sale item than buying brand new.

Cisco Refresh products have 100% warranty & 100% Guaranty. It is a great way to extend I.T. budgets without compromising on quality.

Where does Cisco Refresh items come from?

Mostly, the Cisco Refresh items have come from canceled customer orders. The majority of which are canceled before the product gets shipped from the factory!

Some of the products may be units that have failed from a defective part, these are then stripped down and completly refurbished by Cisco, before they are robustly tested to meet assured Cisco quality standards.

Lastly, some of the units will be items that have been shipped and then returned to Cisco. Usually, these items have not been used or even taken out of the box. Either way, these units will go through a full set of tests and a remanufacturing process before they are resold as Cisco Refresh.

Cisco Refresh products are a great saving with - like new - products that come with all the benefits of a brand new unit!

  • Cisco Refresh Yes tick
  • Full warranty
  • Cisco Refresh Yes tick
  • Full Support options
  • Cisco Refresh Yes tick
  • Factory sealed condition
  • Cisco Refresh Yes tick
  • Price Saving
  • Cisco Refresh Yes tick
  • Sustainable
  • Cisco Refresh Yes tick
  • 100% Quality Assured
  • Cisco Refresh Yes tick
  • Compliant with Cisco

Budget saving with Cisco Refresh

Offering 10%, 20%, 30% and more in savings when you purchase a remanufactured Cisco Refresh product. You'll not only help increase your I.T. budgets but your doing so in the knowledge that you have full support and guarantees that come with all factory sealed Cisco Refresh items.

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